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2nd Skin

Hard Shoegazers

2nd Skin (not to be confused with the American goth rockers Second Skin who they predate) consisted of Ashley Cumming (guitar), Mark "Donny" Donovan (drums) Anthony “Milney” Milne (guitar and vocals) and Mark E. Smith (no not that Mark E Smith! bass). They practised in Donny's parents' garage in Shillington and were a serious phenomenon around Bedfordshire late 1980s early 1990s perhaps most notably when they filled The Angel's Reply Hitchin.  They are, of course, named after The Chameleons' song: Second Skin. In October we bring you their 1992 John Etkin-Bell Matrix Studios Blow single as a taster for their later EP release some tracks quite literally never having been heard outside the studio. Guitars to die for I promise you! And Milney is planning to do the odd gig with a new line up so watch this space!


Crystal Trip

Cult Indie Rockers

Crystal Trip signed to the label's predecessor Seagull in 1993 and promptly split up. Available for download at last (October, exact date to be announced)  is the Brian Chuck New Somewhere indie anthem and the rest of the session. This will be released simultaneously with 2nd Skin's Blow single in a Bedford style rerun of the Blur v Oasis Britpop battle. To follow in November we release the 4 track Senseless EP by the same producer. Both these EPs will be available on CD in our record shop.

 In December we release their 12 number John Etkin-Bell produced album The Crystal Trip the original 8 numbers of which according to the NME clock in between Hüsker Du and Radiohead. Features the indie anthem Tremble from the future film soundtrack to Looking for Prince Charles's Dog and the single Senseless off the 2nd EP all of which features in The Crystal Trip.