Brit Pop

Brit Pop Guide: 90s Britpop worth Listening To

Britpop has been around for a few decades now but it was 90s Britpop that arguably made the genre the most popular worldwide. While a lot of it is not very good to listen to for longer than a few refrains to get the general idea of each song, there is some 90s Britpop that is actually excellent and very important for the future of music and pop culture in general. Below are some of the very best Britpop artists from the 90s who are worth listening to.


Oasis burst onto the scene in the 90s with their incredible Britpop album What’s the Story Morning Glory which had hit after hit like Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova that are instantly recognizable cultural classics today. This album would help them to become one of the biggest bands in the world in the late 90s with their next, massive record.


Blur had been popular for a while throughout the 90s in Europe, but their 1997 self titled album made them a Britpop sensation in America, finally, for whatever that is worth. Well, lots and lots of money actually. Song 2 was basically meant to satirize music Americans like and it did it perfectly, while also selling to Americans, making it one of the most brilliant musical albums ever produced.


However, by far the most important of the Britpop albums of the 90s was a little band called Radiohead releasing the album The Bends, which launched them into worldwide superstardom as one of the most important bands of the decade and also the coming century. You can’t go wrong listening to this whole album and then everything else Radiohead has ever done. This effort proves 90s Britpop was perhaps one of the most important in musical history.