British Record Label

How to Start a British Record Label with Great British Indie Bands

Starting a British record label with great British indie bands is something that many music lovers have tried to do and have failed spectacularly at, primarily because the music business is one of the toughest businesses out there, period. So much of it is speculative and figuring out how to consistently make money in the music game is always a scramble. But if you’re going to start a record label with great talent nearby, Britain isn’t a band place to try to do it.


The first thing that someone starting a British record label needs to do is to secure some financing to back the business in order to support the artists they plan on producing albums for and promoting. Once this has been done, the hardest part begins - finding those bands that seem like they have a growing fan base, a great sound and a great future career as musicians. This takes a lot of leg work and also a great ear from those at the new independent record label to find those musicians and bands and nurture their talent, taking them to the next level. To keep the British record label truly afloat a number of these bands will have to be found, nurtured, recorded, toured and promoted, hopefully with a profit on the music after this has all been done. So one or two bands won’t really make a label grow but five or six will, to varying degrees of success. This pinch between profit, artistic talent and overall quality can often cause a record label to have to make critical decisions around what they really want to be at the end of the day. But this is a constant struggle between art and commerce.