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Charity Project

Well it's quite the done thing nowadays for a company to align itself with a charity project. In our case we have our own in house one: Looking for Prince Charles's Dog, Clive Hathaway Travis label boss's charity novel from which all royalties go to charity with over £4000 raised to date and hopes for film,TV and radio projects for the future. The label is of course open to partnerships to this end with a target to raise £10 million for the 13 book charities and rebuild the Artists' Rifles Clubhouse. Book available now in our shop, from www.paranoidschizophrenia.co.uk , Amazon or Waterstones. And in case you did not see it in the About section here is the Looking for Prince Charles's Dog Spotify playlist where all the available chapter title songs in the book including, as we release them, those on this label, can be heard. Some are rare and not yet on Spotify but I hope the labels might like to put them up to get the full soundtrack. Some of the songs included did not quite make it to the full glory of chapter title but I felt deserved to be included. Want to add your song to the constellation? I have created a Looking for Prince Charles's Dog a bit harder playlist too you are free to add to.

  • Looking for Prince Charles's Dog
Looking for Prince Charles's Dog by Clive Hathaway Travis's musical journey to recovery from paranoid schizophrenia