Independent Record Labels

Indie Record Labels: The Best and Worst things About Independent Record Labels

There are a number of great things about independent record labels, as indie record labels are widely considered some of the best parts of the music business. However, having anything that is independent of a well funded corporation has downsides that should be considered before starting or joining one of these indie record labels. Some of the best and worst things about independent record labels are listed below.


Starting with the worst things, indie record labels have no financial backing in many cases, or very little financial backing, which means it is on those who have started it and are running it on a daily basis to find artists who can perform on a regular basis and come up with hit records that can sell in the marketplace, either to consumers on the radio or streaming services. As music moves so quickly and people’s tastes constantly change, it’s very difficult to predict this market and be very successful in it. So most indie record labels have a difficult time surviving financially over an extended period of time.


However, this risk is also one of the best things about independent record labels. It doesn’t become what covers a larger corporation’s massive bottom line; it’s about surviving and creating great art and music that can change culture and possibly make some money in the future. In this sense, Indie record labels are their own nations with only music and art conscious bosses—allowing them to take chances on new styles of music, those that are on the cutting edge of the cultural wave, the proverbial zeitgeist. When the few, excellent indie record labels can effectively do this and survive on the business front as well, there is no better place to be in the music business.