Emotional Clive Records First Release Dates Finally Set

Am very pleased to announce that our first releases ECR001 "Somewhere" EP by Crystal Trip and ECR002 "Blow" EP by 2nd Skin are both uploaded to all the download and streaming places and Shazam out 22nd March! Both bands are up on BBC Music Introducing and their local indie intelligence DJs are aware so let's hope they get a play! Lots of work for me still to do! Labour of love! Now!

Let’s talk about mental health. My mental health! It’s not too bad these days thanks. Though most of you will know I spent the years 1994-2004 in and out of hospital under the Mental Health Act. Some very tough times. All through that time I wanted to get the unreleased 2nd Skin (no not the American goth rockers Second Skin but the Bedfordshire Chameleons inspired hard shoegazers who predate them) and Crystal Trip stuff out. Well I got my book out about the journey Looking for Prince Charles’s Dog with 10 reviews on Amazon and 4.8 stars out of 5. What you might not know is that instead of chapter titles or numbers I chose chapter songs carefully with a view to a film soundtrack. The songs range from megastar standards to indie classics to the largely unknown and also songs so rare they are not even on Spotify. These include 2 Crystal Trip chapters and 1 2nd Skin chapter but every song there on merit and apositicy. So I went to see my music solicitor in London I had not seen since 1992 when he was just starting out and since then he had completely covered his office walls with gold and silver discs from a riot of indie bands, everybody from Oasis to Sleeper. I told him I wanted to sign Crystal Trip and 2nd Skin and guess what? He got really angry with me had a real go at me! Shouting in my face like an SAS beasting “Why don’t you just go and burn £20,000 on the pavement outside my office?!” I had no business plan that was just what he said it was going to cost! Funnily last time I spoke to my accountant it WAS just over £20k! But due to economic circumstances my pension has gained ground to cover it. So he saw I was not budging and gave in and told me he wanted £2,000 on account lol! Any way Crystal Trip were all ready to go oh 2 or was it 3 years ago but it took all that time to whittle down the never heard outside the studio 2nd Skin tapes and get an EP together. Got to thank Crystal Trip for being unbelievably patient you see my solicitor was right. No bands together, no tour, no fan base no “happening thing” just my book and the pipe dream of a film (oh and now, wait for it, some videos I have spent a few grand on). But like I said there are some other rarities on my mooted film soundtrack also not on Spotify and part of my aim is to encourage those in a position to do so to get them out so I can add them to my Looking for Prince Charles’s Dog Spotify playlist which as well as the chapter songs has a lot of other nearly chapter songs on it. Here are the currently missing songs.

  1. Seashell by The Flashapjacks. Out on Emotional Clive Records later this year.

  2. Part of the Fire by Caroline Lavelle. Caroline rewrote this demo she tells me and recorded it with her band Secret Sky the song now called The Dim Moon City of Delight. Is now on the playlist.

  3. Mana Mani by Salif Keita and the Ambassadeurs.

  4. Highlanders by Zexsie Manatsa and the Green Arrows.

  5. Blow by 2nd Skin. Out on Emotional Clive Records 22nd March 2020.

  6. Alioune Sissòko by Super Biton de Segou.

  7. Cheduke Chose by the Bhundu Boys.

  8. Colour-blind by Ringo. Tim tells me this is being rereleased.

  9. The March of the King of Laois by Paul Dooley.

  10. Tremble by Crystal Trip. Out on Emotional Clive Records 26th April 2020.

  11. Hope Srings Eternal by the Sandkings. No not those Sandkings but Jas Mann's Sandkings who supported The Stone Roses I think.

  12. The Heat in the Room by Bill Nelson.

  13. The Omega Man by Basement 5,

  14. The Headlight Song by Ringo. Tim tells me this is being rereleased.

  15. Waiting for the Boats by Brian Jeffels. Brian tells me he’ll put this up.

  16. Somewhere by Crystal Trip. Out on Emotional Clive Records 22nd March 2020.

Watch this space folks!

Rare early picture of 2nd Skin, bunch of "young scallywags from Bedford whose depth and class nothing could prepare the innocent bystander for" - Northampton Telegraph

PS Guess what Sgt Pepper cost to record? About £25,000!

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