When 2nd Skin were bigger than Ride

First 3 records out on my all new Emotional Clive Records! You may be wondering why you haven‘t heard more about it. It’s partly down to their being first releases and various chicken and egg aspects of that. For example you can’t really get yourself set up on eg Spotify (who rule the roost to a great degree) until your first stuff is up and on the label website not yet, but nearly, got the 5 download and streaming services of those I’ve chosen out of the 30 or so we are available on next to the CDs. The other aspect is of course that neither band is together of performing any gigs (flyer from back in the day) so financially a lot comes down to the possibility, and it is a possibility, of 2nd Skin and Crystal Trip ending up on a film soundtrack. You could say that was a complete fantasy on my part but it’s already partly come true due to (a) the director of 2nd Skin’s Blow video and (b) the Looking for Prince Charles’s Dog Spotify playlist below!! Do follow! Anyway close to the sort of “real launch date” so watch this space!

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