UK Record Labels

What to Know About UK Record Labels: The Best independent record labels UK

Some independent record labels UK have been some of the most respected UK record labels ever, both in Britain and around the world’s music industry in general. This is due, in part, to some of the most important music in the world consistently coming out of the United Kingdom and most of it starting at the independent record label level. So it’s important to know how the whole music industry process works, how a band first begins producing studio albums and how they ultimately become the household name that you are listening to on the radio and singing for years to come. While every situation is different, here is how it often works:


First, there is a band with musicians and music. They perform and possibly record on their own and book gigs that people start to attend and love. Word travels. People in the actual music business begin to show up and most of these will be local music entrepreneurs, managers and producers who can put up some money to record and possibly even tour and promote these bands so that they sell more albums, stream more online, get radio play and book touring dates. Once a fan base has been established through this initial album, touring and promotional push, this is where an independent record label or labels will come knocking, assuming there is a growing fan base with increasing attention. These independent labels will sign these bands to a deal for their next albums, most of which are more favourable to the artist than major record labels who will own everything and often charge the artists out of the profits off their album for marketing and promotion costs, much of which thanks to “creative accounting” will never be paid off.