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©2017 by Emotional Clive Records

Crystal Trip - Crawler

Here's the 1993 Andy Pulver directed video to the opening track "Crawler" from Crystal Trip's 12 number album The Crystal Trip available for download preorder 5/4/20. Features a cameo appearance from label boss Clive Hathaway Travis. More videos are ready to go when we release! See below!


Crystal Trip - Somewhere vid 1

Somehow ended up with 2 vids for this song. This one was directed by Harvey Case. I didn’t think it was going to arrive but certainly worth the wait! 

Crystal Trip - Somewhere vid 2

Apples and pears which of the 2 you prefer! Both seem to have brought out a mental health aspect nicely. This one directed by Joseph Morel

2nd Skin - Blow

Like Somewhere the only (financial) reason I decided to take a punt on these old recordings is their being chapter songs, all of which are there on merit, in Looking for Prince Charles’s Dog, my charity book. Quite an honour actually when you see the soundtrack has everyone from the Beatles and Led Zeppelin etc to Oasis, some less well known indie artists such as these and those so rare they are not even on Spotify. To a large degree it all depends on a film soundtrack really! To date this video is the only film as it were of my book.

Crystal Trip - Senseless vid 1

Crystal Trip - Senseless vid 2